Setup your SAP Business Warehouse 7.4 on HANA in less than 1 hour

Hard to Learn SAP? 

As an SAP trainer I received a lot of feedback from my students in the past. Most of them said that “Learning SAP is not so easy!”. 

The question is „Why is hard to learn SAP?”. Based on my experiences, I found that the answer lies in the availability of the SAP Systems. You could not just download and install an SAP development environment and use it within 10 minutes, as the way you do it like in C#. 

What's new in SAP BW 7.4

SAP BW 7.4 is released and we are excited to check the new functionality in the system. In this blog series we will collect the most interesting to us new or enhanced features of the system – Integration with SAP HANA database, Planning in SAP BW, LSA++, Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) and so much more.