SAP Business Warehouse: The Big Picture now available at Pluralsight

SAP Business Warehouse: The Big Picture

New online SAP Business Warehouse Training for Beginners

I am proud to announce that my new online training for beginners in SAP Business Warehouse is already published at the training platform, called Pluralsight.

If you or your colleague have never worked with SAP BW before, you might be asking:

Why learning SAP Business Warehouse is important ?

My short answer is: I am convinced that Business Warehouse is the most important tool that helps you to develop yourself to become a trustful expert in your company.

Let me explain you how!

Sales Planning with FOX or with Inverse Formula in SAP BW Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning


Working with Integrated Planning is about supporting the planning process with a common plan database and with planning functions that accelerates the work of the planners. Until now we had many options to define planning functions and for the complex ones we could use Formula Extensions - shortly FOX - or ABAP. Starting the version SAP Netweaver 7.3 we have another tool in our toolbox, called Inverse Formula that we can define in the Query Designer.

The Successful Project – A Balance of Quality, Time and Cost

Everybody wants to take part in successful projects and nobody likes the ones that are foredoomed to fail. I am sure it is a well-known fact that in the beginning of a crucial project everyone wants to take part and share the success. However, as time goes by the momentum seems to be brake down and in the end almost only the project leader works with the initial passion. This topic has been discussed much, but I personally think it is important to analyse current projects and from time to time refresh knowledge around management strategy in order to bring projects to nice end results.