SAP NetWeaver 7.3 - Practical Guide (2nd Edition, 2013)

With the help of this new book about SAP NetWeaver 7.3 you can learn the basic principles and concepts of BW and you can get step-by-step instructions for performing BW tasks.

SAP NetWeaver 7.3 - Practical Guide (2nd Edition)

Start with the conceptual explanations and then dive straight into real-world application - all with the help of a case study that teaches you how to meet common business intelligence requirements. Whether you want to create objects, extract and transform data, or master the BEx tools, this book is the help you need. 

- From Beginner to Expert

Start with the basics and move to the advanced - from InfoObjects to OpenHub, you'll be guided ever step of the way. 

- Hands-on Experience

Do more than learn what DSO-s and InfoCubes are - use step-by-step instructions and hundreds of screenshots to actually create them yourself. 

- Practical Business Scenario

Get to know ABCD Corp., the fictional company that serves as the basis for your training. As you use SAP NetWeaver BW to meet its business requirements, you'll learn essential skills for working in the system. 

- Changes in Release 7.3

Update your skills for the latest release. With information on graphical modeling, new types of InfoProviders, BW Workspaces and SAP HANA, even experienced SAP NetWeaver BW users will find somenthing new. 

- Data Files for Download

Download the bonus data files for ABCD Corp., which will give you everything you need to create the necessary objects and practice the tasks described in the book. 



  • InfoObjects
  • DataStore objects
  • InfoCubes
  • InfoProviders
  • MultiProviders
  • Process chains
  • Extraction, transformation and loading
  • BEx tools
  • Planning applications
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI
  • Administrations
  • Open Hub

This book is available at Amazon.
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