Setup your SAP Business Warehouse 7.4 on HANA in less than 1 hour

Hard to Learn SAP? 

As an SAP trainer I received a lot of feedback from my students in the past. Most of them said that “Learning SAP is not so easy!”. 

The question is „Why is hard to learn SAP?”. Based on my experiences, I found that the answer lies in the availability of the SAP Systems. You could not just download and install an SAP development environment and use it within 10 minutes, as the way you do it like in C#. 

“Practice Makes the Master”

I believe that “Practice makes the master”. So to learn SAP effectively, you need an easy-to-use sandbox system, where you can try out the demos during this course. I know that the feeling of the success gives a huge motivation to learn a new technology. Today, everyone who has only a simple computer, and internet connection can get a ready-to-use SAP system within 1 hour. 

SAP Cloud Appliance Library

This approach was not applicable years ago, but now thanks to the SAP cloud computing services, we are able to reach the latest SAP versions on the cloud with a simple amazon service and SAP account.

Follow me, and I show you how to get a ready-to-use SAP System within less than 1 hour.

Additional Information

I would like to mention something important. Using this solution is not completely free! However using this product of SAP Cloud Appliance Library is totally free, but to use this product we need a Cloud Service Provider, who ask you to pay for its services, because they allocate, and reserve hardware resources for you. So please be careful to stop your instance, and terminate it if you don’t use it anymore, to avoid unnecessary costs!

To help you, I have already collected the websites that you can use to get more info about this solution. 

SAP Cloud Appliance Library guide

User Guide

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