SAP Business Warehouse: The Big Picture now available at Pluralsight

SAP Business Warehouse: The Big Picture

New online SAP Business Warehouse Training for Beginners

I am proud to announce that my new online training for beginners in SAP Business Warehouse is already published at the training platform, called Pluralsight.

If you or your colleague have never worked with SAP BW before, you might be asking:

Why learning SAP Business Warehouse is important ?

My short answer is: I am convinced that Business Warehouse is the most important tool that helps you to develop yourself to become a trustful expert in your company.

Let me explain you how!

Every company needs to see it’s current position on the market and managers need to take a decision for a future direction. And they need right information for right decisions in short time The information lies behind your data in many, sporadic company databases. We are more and more overloaded with data coming

  • from Excel tables,
  • from cloud storages,
  • from company basic ERP systems or
  • from websites

And it is getting very hard to exploit data and turn it to a piece of right and important information. Business Warehouse is the tool that solves easily these problems for you, because it can automatically collect data from anywhere, can create a quality database and you can access this database easily to create the right analyses for your company.

So if you can use this tool,you will be the source of information of your colleagues and managers, and you will be the trustful expert.

The Course

Let's turn back to the course, SAP Business Warehouse: The Big Picture. This course is for everybody who wants to be

  • a good analyst,
  • controller,
  • and planner or
  • for every beginner business warehouse developer who wants to maximize the analyst’s productivity.

During this course I will give you an easy-to-learn overview through simple examples how an SAP Business Warehouse system can fulfill its role to be a de-facto analytical tool.

New Course Page

If you are curious about the details of this course, you can check the page of this course:

Here you can find the details of this course, like:

  • you can watch the course trailer
  • you can read about the course
  • you can check the course outline with preview

AND add your comment on the Discussion Board:

  • suggest a new course
  • request a bonus content
  • ask question or
  • share your opinion.

I am looking forward to meeting you in one of my courses or in the comment section.

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